Elusive Himalayan Trails 2024 | June 28- July 11

Our signature ride! It runs through the the most rugged yet scenic part of the Himalayas. The secret trails are perfect for pure riding experiences along with some very unusual wildlife. The routes which go along the rivers & inspire you to do great journeys even though the terrain is demanding. Perfect place for landscape photography! A place which will make you think about our existence & make you wonder about the culture & Dharma.

Zanskar Moto Adventure 2024| Aug 10- 18

Motorcycle ride to Zanskar valley is a biker’s dream. During this Zanskar Motorcycle Ride, you will ride through narrow mountain trails, cross icy rivers, and explore remote villages and monasteries. This Zanskar motorcycle ride is a thrilling adventure that will take you through the picturesque landscapes of Zanskar Valley. It is one of the most remote and isolated regions in Ladakh and is known for its rugged terrain, scenic landscapes and stunning views of the Himalayan Mountains.

Spiti Motorcycle Ride 2024| June 1- 9

This ride is our favourite mainly because of the undisturbed beauty and less crowded roads. It is one of the toughest terrains in India but trust us, it is totally worth it!