Tourbugs, a venture by an adventure loving couple who left their corporate desk jobs to explore and appreciate the beauty around.

We are a group of enthusiasts bitten by the touring bug looking to inspire people to take up adventure on wheels. Our story goes back in time when we both were riding through the Himalayas for the very first time! We met many people, saw beautiful landscapes, experienced nature, culture, explored elusive places. That was the time we decided to start this venture and go on the rides/ journeys beyond just a vacation.

If you are looking for destinations less travelled, new cultures, cuisines, terrains, wildlife! then this is just the right place for you. Come, experience unusual, scenic and rugged mountains with us!

We specialise in bike rides to Ladakh, Spiti, Zanskar, North East of India, Western Ghats & Coastal trails. Our itineraries are different from regular tourist agents or travel companies. We want you to explore and experience and not just visit the places. Each itinerary is curated as per the region and includes all the things one should experience when on the ride. Some of the itineraries are extreme for motorcyclists who want to ride in the unexplored terrain.

When not in the Himalayas, we host camping trips near Pune at our own campsite. We call it Tourbugs Nest. The real camping experience! We make camping out easier for you by carrying all the camping gears and necessary equipment. All you need to do is just show up for the camping and we promise, you will have a blast.

Meet Our Team

Arvind Singh

A mechanical engineer by profession, a vagabond at heart. His love for riding gave way to his new venture so that he could share his passion with the rest of the world wanting to get away from their mundane life.

Arti Navindgikar

A management graduate who found her calling in adventurous travel after her very first ride to Leh. She left her corporate desk job to appreciate and explore uncharted places with likeminded free spirited travellers.