Ride Highlights:

  • Zanskar Valley– We will be riding and exploring Zanskar Valley through some less explored places like Zangla, Shinkula. Drang drung glacier is one the highest in the region. Holy mountain of Gombok Ranjan.
  • Suru Valley– The most fertile one in Ladakh. Lush green landscapes, calming Suru river and a beautiful villages Panikhar & Rangdum.
  • You will get to experience some of the toughest roads here and although challenging, the serenity will keep you excited and energized throughout the ride. This ride offers a great mix of riding terrain (off roads, tarmacs, sand, broken tarmac all of it in just one ride)
  • Spectacular landscapes of the Himalayas that will take you by surprise.
  • This ride is a photographer’s paradise. Everywhere you see in a scene worth a picture. You will love clicking those scenic routes and rugged mountains.

Ride at a glance:
Duration: 8 nights 9 days
Ride days:  7
Total Distance: Approximately 1100 km
Terrain: Tarmac, Broken tarmac, off road, sand patches
Accommodation: Hotels/ Home stay/guest house/ Camping
Difficulty level: Challenging
Daily Avg distance: 160 km
Daily saddle time: 6 Hrs

Who should join?
This ride is for someone who wants to explore Ladakh beyond the regular tourist places. If you want to ride through the most scenic valleys of Ladakh in a challenging and somewhat difficult terrain, this ride is for you.
If you like difficult roads that not only take you to beautiful destinations but also give you an experience of the mighty Himalayas like never before, this ride is for you.
Want to live at places which make you reconnect with yourself and helps you find peace and experience perfect calm, this ride is for you.
To sum up, this ride is for people who love challenging moto adventure, picturesque landscapes and are willing to explore.

Places of interest in this ride

Zanskar Valley:
Zanskar is a unique valley of Ladakh known for its solitariness, vast pastures lands, and living practices of Tibetan Buddhism since ages.
Motorcycle ride to Zanskar valley is a biker’s dream. Zanskar valley really does not need any introduction. It is wildly popular amongst trekkers, hikers for the Chadar trek. But in recent times it has been gaining popularity in the motorcycling community as well. The whole region is still very less explored and has some of the toughest roads to ride on. That being said, the beauty of this place is unmatched. It’s green on one side at the same time it’s brown on the other. There are many different shades of mountains one can observe.

Drang Drung Glacier: is likely to be the largest glacier in Ladakh other than the Siachen Glacier in the Karakoram Range, with a maximum length of 23 kilometers at an average elevation of 15,680 feet. The glacier lies in the northeastern Himalayan Range known as the Zanskar Range. It is one the highest in the region and one can just sit and get lost in the magnanimity of it. The moon’s reflection in the Suru River is something that you can’t stop staring at. Serene is the word we like to describe this place as.

Zangla: A picturesque village in Zanskar, Zangla is an offbeat destination and is set against the spectacular backdrop of Zanskar Rage. A palace which once housed the royal family stands atop a hill nearby is now in ruins. There is a small Buddhist nunnery here and one can go and visit it to get a view of the daily life of the nuns.

Shinkul La/ Shingo La: This is a high pass on the border of Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh. The pass is situated at 16580 feet and is considered as the origin of Zanskar River.

While extreme climatic conditions make life very difficult, people of the valley are very simple and honest, poor and hardworking, religious and spirited, affectionate and hospitable. They have minimal resources for their daily life but would always welcome guests and are happy to help the travellers, if stuck. You understand what warmth truly means when you meet people here.

Zanskar remains one of the very few places on Earth that, for several months every year, becomes almost entirely isolated from the rest of the world. It can only be reached, or left, via the frozen river Zanskar. Geographically, the Zanskar mountain range separates this region from the rest of Ladakh. It is fed by two rivers: the Doda, which has its origin near the Pensi La (4.400m), and the Kargyak, with its source near the Shingo La (5.100m), which then merges with the Tsarap River. In the Central Valley of Zanskar, the Doda and the Lungnak combine to give birth to the great Zanskar River.

Suru Valley:
Suru Valley is one of most beautiful and Dramatic valleys of Ladakh in Kargil District. It offers right from lush greens along with flowers to deserted snowcapped mountains. Perfect for Ride and shoot landscapes along with wild life and culture and monasteries.
It is the most fertile part of Ladakh. Lower Suru Valley is extensively cultivated with barley, wheat, millet and bean fields interspersed with willows. This valley encompasses the catchment basin of the Suru River, which emerges from the Panzela glacier.  Lofty pinnacles of Kun and Nun mountains crown the breath-taking landscape of this scenic region. Parachik Glacier is a beautiful location situated at the slopes of Nun – Kun Mountains.

Manali has always been a favourite tourist spot for both Indians as well as foreign nationals.
It is a beautiful town in Himachal Pradesh nestled in picturesque Beas River Valley. Lush green valley along the ever-flowing Beas is always a wonderful site to watch.
Many motorcycle rides start from here manily because of the location and accessibility to services and bikes.
Manali also has a very young and happening culture and there are many places to eat good food and enjoy some live music as well.


Riding Experience:  Get ready for one of a lifetime riding experience!  A motorcycle ride to Zanskar Valley will change the way you think, FOREVER! The terrain of Ladakh is famous amongst all the adventure lovers. Riding along the Indus, Suru, Stod & Zanskar River with a view of horses running along the river beds, view of thousands of sheep’s & goats grazing on wetlands! Seems like a dreamland, right? Well, we will be riding in this dreamland and clicking a lot of pictures (both physical and mental) as it is too scenic to miss on any of the things.

During this Zanskar Motorcycle Ride, you will ride through narrow mountain trails, cross icy rivers, and explore remote villages and monasteries. You will also get to witness the unique culture and traditions of the local people, who have been living in the region for generations.

Also, not to miss when it comes to riding through dried-up river streams, bone chilling deep water crossings, sand patches and to the highest of the high passes will quench your thirst for adventure for a long time. The off-road patches continue for miles and miles. Sometimes we will have to follow the direction and keep riding even without the trail marks. Sometimes the terrain gets so tough that you may not feel riding anymore, but the moment you stop enjoying, the fun turns in to fear. We want you to keep your spirits high.

In this tour we will be riding to some of the non-tourist places & explore routes to see Ladakh like in the olden days.
During this ride we will be riding through challenging off roads of Suru & Zanskar Valley, through dried up river streams and beyond tourist places to experience wildlife. This ride is tiring but the scenery will definitely soothe you. It is a great opportunity for motorcyclists to explore the rugged terrain, scenic landscapes and magnificent mountains.

Photography Experience: Love photography? Motorcycle ride to Zanskar Valley is the perfect place to be. The entire ride goes through the most scenic places. It is indeed a photographer’s paradise to click in these amazing valleys.
Not a photographer? Does not matter, the places are full of serene landscapes and anything you click is a good picture.

Apart from motorcycling and photography, Zanskar will gift you with so much serenity that the experience of being in nature and reconnecting with self is beyond expected. The mountains are rugged and yet if you just sit and watch them like for even 15 min you will feel at peace. You will go to a next level of thinking. It very much provokes you to think about everything and makes your thoughts clear. It is absolutely life changing. And that experience is something you should look forward to.

Detailed Itinerary

Day-1 Arrival at Manali
We will meet, greet, assist, and transfer you to Hotel in Manali. Dinner at Hotel.

Day 2 – Manali to Jispa:
We start out ride on this day with full enthusiasm! Post breakfast we will ride towards Jispa.
It is going to be a short, comfortable and absolutely refreshing ride day!
Overnight stay at a beautiful place in Jispa.

Day 3 – Jispa to Padum:
Today, we will ride from one state to another. A gateway to Zanskar valley!
The ride is going to be a great change in landscapes, terrain, people and culture!
Padum is one of the significant town in Zanskar Valley and is the administrative headquarter for the same.
Overnight stay at Padum.

Day 4 – Padum to Rangdum:
Today we pack our bags and post breakfast start our ride towards a beautiful village called Rangdum! The ride goes through one of the most scenic routes. We will be crossing the Pensi La (14436 feet) today.
We will also get to witness Drang Drung Glacier on our way. Drang drung glacier is one the highest in the region and one can just sit and get lost in the magnanimity of it.
Overnight stay at a cozy home stay for a good local experience.


Day 5- Rangdum to Zangla: –
This is a true Zanskar Valley day! We will be riding to Zangla on this day.
We will be crossing a pass named Pensi La today. This day is again going to be a challenging one as we ride on the toughest terrain!
Overnight stay in a cozy guesthouse/homestay.

Day-6 Zangla to Leh:

Today, we will be passing through two passes names Singge La (16590 feet) and Sirsir La (15761 feet). These are probably India’s deepest gorges.
This is going to be a little long and tiring day but the views and terrain is something everyone will enjoy!
Overnight stay at Leh.

Day 7- Leh to Sarchu:
Post breakfast, we will start the ride towards Sarchu.
We will be crossing another high pass in the region, Tanglang La (17480 feet).
The roads are smooth tarmacs and the ever-changing beauty of the mountains will mesmerise you.
Overnight stay at Sarchu.

Day 8- Sarchu to Manali:
Today, post breakfast we will start our last riding day. This is going to be a very beautiful day as we will be riding and witnessing different colours and terrains throughout the day. We move from barren lands, naked mountains to a greener area in Himachal Pradesh. The lush green mountains while reaching Manali are simply soothing and it is a very comfortable ride.
Overnight stay at Manali.

Day 9- Ride ends here
The ride ends here. Post breakfast, check out from the Hotel.



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