Welcome to Tourbugs Come, explore with us Motorcycle Rides in India Adventure- You dream, we make it possible Ladakh- Spiti- Zanskar Roads less travelled are always the best ones Camping @Tourbugs Nest Beautiful location, lip smacking BBQ, bonfire & awesome camping experience

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Roads Less Travelled

Roads Less Travelled

Passionate &  Experienced team

Passionate & Experienced team

Well Managed logistics

Well Managed logistics

A Lifetime adventure

A Lifetime Adventure

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Get ready to experience the most adventurous journeys to spectacular places in India. An unforgettable journey which will make you forget rest of the world.

Customer Testimonials

  • "One of my best travel experiences happened with Tourbugs. To my dream destination – Spiti & Leh. It all started with an impromptu trip to Madhe Ghat. I had never heard of that place & had never been on a camping trip before. That first experience with Arvind was more than enough to build the trust in him. He is a true leader, a good friend and a great trip planner. (And not to forget a good mechanic - when needed ;-)) Every minor detail taken into consideration starting from routes to food & accommodation. We stayed at some of the best places with breathtaking views, had amazing food & all the leisure that I had never expected from a place so remote. It all was made possible with great travel planning by Arvind. I would highly recommend Tourbugs whether it is an adventure trip to Spiti & Leh or a weekend camping trip to places around Pune."
    Madhav Nirmal
  • "Our first experience camping and oh what a fantastic, memorable and awesome one! It was one of the best short trip we have had and thanks to Tourbugs for making it perfect. The food, location, atmosphere everything was top notch. Camping under numerous stars with a nip in the air, a guitar strumming and a cozy bonfire! What more can you ask for? Then you get a beautiful sunrise followed by a dip in cool water with waves lapping and a picturesque place to have an impromptu picnic. Highly recommended for everyone and the kids had a wonderful time running around and camping in their tents. Do visit if you get a chance and you will make beautiful memories as we did. Thanks Arvind for your hospitality."
    Pooja Agarwal
  • "Tourbugs is absolutely amazing. It's run by people with great passion and love for riding, camping and adventure in general. If you're looking for a weekend get away or just a nice leisure ride, these are the guys to call! Highly recommend attending their camping events, you'll know why once you do! Great job guys! Keep it up!"
    Akshay Nathwani
  • "One of the best addresses for motorcycle tours through the Indian Himalayas. Very professional organisation and management. The pleasant and respectful dealings should be emphasized here. From the beginning to the end, you are the centre of attention and every hint and concern is taken seriously. The near contact with the locals far away from mass- tourist paths is here similar to emphasize. In 2 weeks I was able to cover many kilometres on the bullet, take hundreds of photos and learn a lot about life in the mountains. Incidentally, the elusive Himalaya Trails Tour is recommended for experienced drivers. This unique experience was never forgotten. Thank you very much Tourbugs for the unpayable Memories."
    Sascha DeVantier
  • "Very professional and experienced management and guides. Everything was well taken care of during our adventure. I highly recommend a trip arranged by Tourbugs. Without a doubt, it will be the experience of your life."
    Jens Christian Halling