Zanskar is a part of Union Territory of Ladakh, India.

The Zanskar Range is a mountain range in the union territory of Ladakh that separates Zanskar from Ladakh.

Most of the population here is Buddhist and each village has at least one monastery. Padum is the administrative centre for this region and many treks start from here.

Although Zanskar is famous for the Chadar trek, in recent times it has been very popular in the motorcycling community. The whole region is still very less explored and has some of the toughest roads to ride on. That being said, the beauty of this place is unmatched by any other. It’s green on one side at the same time it’s brown on the other. There are many different shades of mountains one can observe. Drang drung glacier is one the highest in the region and one can just sit and get lost in the magnanimity of it. The moon’s reflection in the Suru river is something that you can’t stop staring at. Serene is the word we like to describe this place as.

While extreme climatic conditions make life very difficult, people here are really generous. They have minimal resources for their daily life but would always welcome guests and are happy to help the travellers, if stuck. You understand what warmth truly means when you meet people here.

For us, it all started here! This is the place where we thought we would start something like Tourbugs and get people here from across the globe to show how serene this place is! .