Love camping?

Do you have all the necessary gears for it and are looking for a safe place to camp? We got you covered! This is the perfect space for camping with family and friends on your own. We provide space for “Do your own camping”. Get your tents, sleeping bags, cook your own food and enjoy a relaxed camping evening at Tourbugs Nest.

• A safe space to pitch tents
• Clean washrooms
• Wood (per person 2kg)
Adults- INR 750 per person
Kids up to 8 years- INR 450 per kid

A refundable deposit of INR 1000 will be charged per group. We will return the deposit once you are back and if you have followed all the guidelines mentioned below.

Rules & Guidelines for DYOC
  • Pre booking is required even for Do Your Own Camping.
  • Pitch your tents at areas designated to you
  • Leave no trash behind. Please take your trash with you and dispose it in an appropriate way. Please leave the campsite clean!
  • Take care that the fire should not spread while cooking or putting up the bonfire
  • Do not cut or harm trees
  • Please use the washrooms responsibly. Do not throw toilet papers, tissues inside or near the washrooms.

If you have any questions please go through the camping FAQs. If you still have queries do Get in touch with us.